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24-01-11, 22:00
hi just after a bit of advice i am currently 15 weeks pregnant and i have been anxious since i found out, i have a daughter but have had 3 miscarriages i can not relax because i think something is going to go wrong i have had 3 scans they all been ok so far but right from the start i have been getting aches and pains in my stomach sometimes it is worse than other times they seem to have started again it is across the middle on stomach like cramp/ streching and a bit down into groin area i no this can be normal and i have had it before but but i worry that it is something bad i also have ibs which dosent help and i know been anxious also causes these pains but any advice would be grateful thanks toria x

24-01-11, 22:44
Hi there

I have 4 children and have had 5 miscarriages. The pain you are feeling is all the stretching and growing that your tummy is doing. It sounds perfectly normal and exactly like what I had. I also had sharp pains in my groin area which is called round ligament pain and is your ligaments stretching.

I suffer with HA and spent every single one of my pregnancies convinced that something would happen.

You should rest assured that you have had 3 scans and everything is ok and you are past the first 12 weeks and in the second trimester now so chances of anything happening are very slim.

Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Obviously if you are worried about something or the tummy pains become unbearable, then call your dr/midwife but it sounds perfectly normal to me.

Congrats on your pregnancy :hugs:

24-01-11, 22:45
Meant to say that i also suffer from IBS!!


24-01-11, 23:09
thankyou for reply i just get very scared it is nice to know it is normal i will try to relax thanks again x

27-01-11, 19:54
Hi Toria,
I'm 16 weeks pregnant, had a previous miscarriage at 8 weeks and am terrified of something going wrong. I have also started get aches and pains round my lower abdomen and groin area, also feeling pressure on my pelvic floor. Spoke to the midwife today as I was completely freaking out about this feeling of pressure and she assured me that it was the uterus growing and stretching and it was commonly reported and normal. Feel a bit better but it's scary isn't all these new feelings - am sure hormones don't help either. Just wanted you to know that you're not alone!
Take care and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

27-01-11, 21:48
hi thanks so much for your reply its reasureing to no i am not the only one who gets these aches and pains but i worry all the time that something is wrong, i can't wait for my next appointment just for peace of mind it seems a long time till next scan, i just want to enjoy it but its so hard when i feel anxious all the time but i no i have to try to relax thanks again and good luck with your pregnancy toria x