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27-01-11, 01:40
Ive written before, but my days now are seeming longer, sleep is almost impossible, and i feel like im going insane and im only 4 weeks pregnant!!! I quit smoking cigarettes when i found out i was pregnant (very proud of myself and am doing very well) and i also stopped taking my xanax, which i was only perscribed 1/2 of a .25 daily. I was doing ok for the first couple of days, now im going insane! Every single doctor i have talked to says i cant take my xanax! I only took a 1/4 at a time, geez!!!! Thats all i want to take and thats all i need!!!!! I cant sleep, im waking up in panics, im sitting around on my couch all day, and im dizzy!!!! Please help me, wat should i do????!!!!!!!

27-01-11, 02:29
Must be some medicines that can be tolerated at low dose while pregnant. But see a doctor.

27-01-11, 02:38
Could also possibly be withdraw from the Xanax?

27-01-11, 12:09
Hi Brita.

I have had a trawl around the internet to see if I could come up with any info as to why they have stopped your Xanax.

Obviously any meds are to be discouraged in pregnancy and in the case of Xanax it can be harmful to the foetus during the first trimester as it is of the Benzodiazepine group.

Having said that, all that I have read says to discuss the matter with your doctor and mentions practically nothing about advocating a sudden withdrawal from the drug. :shrug:

I think you need to go back and discuss this as calmly as possible with whoever prescribes it for you..you mentioned "every single doctor" that you have spoken to saying no..are these other docs Mental Health professionals?

My gut feeling is that they feel as your dosage is so small, it can't be doing a lot to control your anxiety and panics even though you believe it is..it is way below the therapeutic dose normally prescribed.

Maybe based on that thinking they have decided that this is the perfect time to take you off it, I honestly don't know.

I do think you are entitled to an explanation at the very least and a proper consultation to give you some help to deal with the problems you are having.

It's not acceptable that you should have to go through such heightened anxiety as this particularly while you are pregnant, maybe they will have to rethink their strategy.

Anyway, see your doc again. Congrats on giving up the smokes and even though you are going through hell with the anxiety, try not to sit on the sofa all day, it's the worst thing you can do.

Please let us know how you get on. :flowers:

27-01-11, 13:22
Ladybird, thank you so much for your response. It means a lot that you thoroughly looked into my situation. I havent talked to my therapist about this yet, but i am today. The other doctors are my primary physicians, and ob/gyn. I think it would be great to go completely off xanax, especially since i am on such a low dose, but id rather go through this "hell" after i have the baby, ya know. I will talk to someone today, and i will update. Ty again

11-02-11, 21:54
I remember having this problem with my pregnancy, although mine weren't benzo's it was/is paroxeitne. THe general consensus in the UK is better if you don't take them, BUT if the benefits outweigh the risks then carry on taking them-the evidence of 'damage' is limited, but there is some to suggest that some babies withdraw from meds mum has been taking, and there is some evidence that certain ones increase the RISK of heart defect by 0.5%.
I agonised over it for weeks, and carried on taking my meds and everything was fine. It was a calculated risk of whci I was fully aware and informed
You may benefit from taking another type of anti anxiety med like an SSRI . I can hear the shouting now accusations of being selfish etc, BUT for Me and Mine it was the right choice. I have a very long relationship with my anxiety and it is almost impossible to function without meds. By carrying on taking them I had a great pregnancy and a really enjoyable post natal period and surely happy mum=happy baby.
Think of it like this. Driving a car carries the risk of getting killed in a collision, does that mean you never drive the car?

25-03-11, 14:30
hi hun it sounds to me your having withdraw symptoms they should go away within couple of weeks xx

24-05-11, 08:13

Even i suffer from bad anxiety and had my baby in Sep last. I did not take any medicine. Just relax and you will be happy to see your beautiful angel in your arm at the end. I had palpitation & breathlessness. My Doc was very encouraging. Just speak to your doc and tell her you suffer from Anxiety. you will be ok.

Take care

24-05-11, 09:31
hya, i am currently 34 weeks pregnant and i stopped takin my anxiety meds (sertraline) at 6 weeks preg, i suffered more or less in such the same way it was very intense but i got through it and the anxiety seemed to subside... hang on in there if u can and try to do things to take your mind off it... u have a long way to cum yet i got better for a while til about 5 mths then the anxiety started to increase again i am determined not to take the meds as i only have 6 weeks left to slog out now!! :) but i am struggling... can u be referrred for any counsellin i am seeing a cognitive behavioural therapist who is lovley and very reassuring.. aso readin all the information on this site has helped me a little... my m/w told me that the anxiety will do me or baby NO damage wat so ever so i am tryin to focus on that and meeting my baby girl hopefully soon! hope your ok xx