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28-01-11, 02:47
Ive been on seroxat for over 17 years highest dose was 30mg, a few years ago i tried to come off it but failed, but stayed on 20mgs. cutting a very long story short, last september i went to see the gp as i was feeling very low, and he told me he dint think the seroxat was having the desired effect anymore so i needed to come off it, i knew i had to do it slowly because of the last time i tried, but this time he prescribed me another AD whilst i was coming off seroxat.
Two weeks ago i went to see my phychiatrist who was dissapointed to see i was very anxious and upset cause of the horrible things i was experincing, and he natuarlly thought my anxiety was worse so wanted to increase the dose of the new AD when i raised a question of the increase because in the paitient leflet it says it shouldnt be taken with metoprolol (a blood pressure tablet i take) he looked it up and was then annoyed i was put on the new AD at the same time as metoprolol and said that was probably why i was showing huge signs of fatuige and being anxious, its not like i dint query my gp when he gave me the new drug i got my husband to ring the surgery (something i never do) when i read the paitent leflet, and he said it was fine :blush:, anyway he told me to come staright off the new AD (sorry i cant remember what its called) and to take mirtazapine, i was still on 4mgs of seroxat then also because of tapering off slowly.
But after coming home and weighing up coming off two AD'S and starting another i made the choice of going cold turkey off the AD i shouldnt be taking.....i wouldnt advise cold turkey off any AD to any 1 the last two weeks have been hell! i also have reduced the seroxat my another mg so im currently on 3mgs.
im feeling more myself....whatever that is :whistles: apart from im getting really annoying eye twiches and like my body 'jumps' but its not jumping....really hard to explain! im suffering really bad with tummy problems especially when i eat it like goes into spasm and that feels like its 'jumping', i sort of know this is now the effects of the withdrawel from seroxat as i do feel like the other AD is more or less out my system, i dont know how i just know i feel diffrent.
My question is has any one else who has come off or is coming off seroxat has ever felt these things im feeling or can you relate to what im trying to say? and now the BIG question is if you have, how long will these feeling last? ?? I think i carry on if i knew it wernt going to be ages, but if not i think a trip to the horrid gp will have to be called for.........its ok i havent saw him yet since he prescribed them tablets and im not happy with him......sorry this has been a long post and hope i havent rambled too much :shrug:
thanks if you have read this, and hope your all well also :winks: linda x

29-01-11, 11:55
Have you started taking the mirtazapine yet? Its safe to take alongside the seroxat. I actually take mirt and seroxat.

30-01-11, 03:28
hi vixxy thanks for replying, no i never started it as i didnt want to be withdrawing off 2 AD's and start another, and after reading the patient leflet i made the decision that i didnt want the side effects off them as the seroxat played a big part with my wieght gain, and as i understand thats a major issue with these tablets, also im glad now after going 'cold turkey' off the other AD's and the way it made me feel im glad i didnt have to cope with starting another drug, i dint like the thought of the sleepiness you can feel when you first start mirtazapine either, and as i said after experincing the withdrawel effects off the other i really dont think i would of coped with it, i mean i actually felt 'drunk' to the extent of falling to sleep and slurring!!( i havent had a drink for over 21 years)!! thankfully thats passed.....well i hope it dont return:ohmy: at the moment im not in a 'bad' place i feel like im coping and every day seems a little better, i think taking 1 day at a time is the key here, and some days are worse than others, but i do think its because of still having that little bit of seroxat in my system, thats making the various things still happen to me. are you currently withdrawing off seroxat then? is that why your on the two medications?
i hope your well? linda x

30-01-11, 11:50
Hi again. No, I'm actually taking both meds permanently as they both give me something that helps with my anxiety. I've not noticed any significant weight gain from either and the drowsniess, although annoying isn't that bad.
The side effects from going cold turkey can take a long time to get out of your system. I've never actually done it myself, I usually taper slowly.

30-01-11, 15:54
yeah i know what you mean vixxy, i wouldn't of dreamt of going cold turkey if it had'nt been for the fact of the tablets conflicting with my blood pressure tablets :mad:, im still tapering slowely off my seroxat though dont think i would of coped at all just stopping that 1 lol :winks:xx