View Full Version : 17 weeks pregnant - vaginal aching/pressure

29-01-11, 17:33
Hi there
I'm 17 weeks pregnant and feeling really anxious as I had a feeling on pressure on/in my vagina for the past couple of days, I also feel a bit tender underneath. I'm not in pain or having any cramps it just feels wierd and uncomfortable. I have been to the doctors and I've not got a UTI (constantly feel like I need the a wee) or vaginal infection and she said it's just the growing uterus and the ligaments softening and stretching. I am getting myself really worked up by this - has anyone else experienced similar? Would like to hear from you x

01-02-11, 09:20
Nothing to worry about. I had this all through the 2nd trimester (now 36 weeks). I have health anxiety so really worried about it. My midwife said it is very common, and after a while it just went away by itself. Don't worry - it is completely normal.

01-02-11, 15:34
Thanks Genie - I appreciate hearing from you, it's one of those things that's difficult to bring up and isn't in any of the baby books. Been to the midwife today who also said it was common and some people were more sensitive to it than others, it's just such an odd strange feeling, not painful as such just v. odd - I imagine being extremely anxious also heightens awareness of it. Howevre, baby's heartbeat was fine and growth was as it should be so that's reassuring to know.
Hope your next four weeks go well x

Miss S
16-01-12, 01:31
I'm also around 17 weeks & I'm experiencing the same thing,i'm seeing the Midwife tomorrow & also about my constant headaches & sickness x.

07-02-12, 03:12
Hey I had this it almost felt like she was going to fall out. I went to see a physio and she said it was all the ligaments stretching out downstairs. It felt like some one booted me in my fofo!

It must of meant nothing as I am due in 8 days! x