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30-01-11, 18:37
I had my MRI Scan on Tuesday, It wasn't a pleasant experience, Drinking 2 big jugs of that dreadful stuff made me feel like throwing up and i did feel a little panicky 15 minutes after getting into the scanner although i held on just about.

Hopefully i should get my results this week but all i can say is never again!

30-01-11, 18:40
What type of scan did you have?

30-01-11, 18:43
Ignore my previous post, I see it was to do with your stomach.

A lot of procedures aren't particularly pleasant Eggy but at least the one you had wasn't painful..we have to be grateful for small mercies!

30-01-11, 19:28
Well done Eggy.

I couldn't have an MRI scan as I freaked out when they put me in it. No good if you are claustrophobic lol

31-01-11, 07:54
Yes, Well done Eggy, at least you have it over and done with, hope your results are good xx

I know a man who had to be slightly sedated to have the MRI scan because he is claustrphobic too nomorepanic.

01-02-11, 21:29
any results yet eggy? hope all is well :)