View Full Version : 4 weeks pregnant

30-01-11, 17:55
Prior to my pregnancy, i suffered from dizziness and all the symptoms anxiety and HA come with. Now that i am 4 weeks pregnant, have been off my meds and the smokes, i am experiencing extreme dizziness. I am dizzy when i stand up, lay down, anything. I have a pressure like feeling in my head that goes along with the dizziness. Does or has anyone experienced this, and to this severity?

30-01-11, 18:18
Hi, I am 5 weeks pregnant and get dizzy quite a lot, although as I have HA I am quite caperble of telling myself that I have these symptoms of at least making them worse. I try to drink a lot of water but still feel weird, all very normal, with my first pregancy I felt much worse! all normal but not nice!

30-01-11, 20:16

I got this when i was pregnant, you need to do the brandt deroff excercises, type them into google, it helped me alot! i suffer with anxiety and HA too, so check it out and it should help you. will even take your mind off it too, as dizzyness is so annoying. it seems to of kept mine at bay too as it used to come back alot