View Full Version : low hormone levels and supplements

30-03-06, 18:17
I have just had the results of an adrenal stress index test and my cortisol and DHEA hormones are pretty much depleted due to constant anxiety.
I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this or any supplements I can take to help replenish them (apparantly they will replenish themselves naturally as the anxiety lessons)?
The lab where I had the test done said there is something you can get from America, but nothing from the NHS.

30-03-06, 23:03
Had same tests done at NP Tech Services in newmarket along with melatonin which stayed low at night so tried melatonin from the US - not sure about the cortisol as mine was high - i have found that managing the anxiety with psycologist and nutritional therapy has been more effective than any gp meds

my testing came through a clinical nutritionist after i read patrick "optimum holfords nutrition for the mind"

hope all goes well

jos x