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09-02-11, 10:36
Just a bit of background I had Ovarian Cancer 5 years ago and took it in my stride, a health scare a few weeks ago brought everything back and has left me with complete fears any pain is serious son late home and it is bad news etc.
So I have been getting chest pains and reflux issues not palpitations, Doc says he thinks it is all stress/anxiety and has presribed the tabs on a when needed basis but 40mg x 3 per day.
I can go all day with no pains but then get in evening or I can get for a couple of hours in morn or aft. He said not to take a course only take when I need them so now very confused as to when I should take. some people say they last 4 hours so surely I should just take 1 not 3

Does anyone have any ideas to help.


09-02-11, 11:11
Hi elley

I'm on propanolol for panic/anxiety. I always view medications from the point of view that the doctor wouldn't prescribe it if s/he didn't think it would help. That doesn't mean I blindly take anything thrown at me , if I'm not sure I will ask the doctor at the time or you could talk to your pharmacist. I know how hard it is to do those things when you are feeling ill but it helps if you try. As to propanolol itself I take it twice a day and it works well. I think you need to get what's called a therapeutic level in your blood stream so that's why several doses a day. If you feel too "flat" or light headed on 3 doses then reduce the number to 2 a day. When you have gotten on top of the panic then you could reduce further, but be honest with your doctor about what you are doing 'cos if they don't know they can't help. Best of luck with it I hope it works for you.

Take care.

09-02-11, 11:44
Thanks for the note.

I will try them I was just abit confused as he said only take when needed and as these pains/feeleing are so intermittant was unsure what to do should have asked him more. will asked the chemist.


09-02-11, 12:45
Yeah talk to chemist. I get a bit confused when they say take as needed 'cos how do you know that you are going to get the panic at a particular time? I reckon propanolol is good at helping to prevent the panicky feeling so it's best to take it anyway and then reduce it rather than an as and when if you see what I mean.