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jaded jean
12-02-11, 18:37
Due to being a little proccupied I took my nightime dose of Amotrypitline instead of my citalopram this morning, thus ensued a rather hazy day with a bit of dizzyness and a cant be asked feeling. I didnt take the citalopram as was too scared. so just winging it . Would it be ok to take the Amitryp tho tonight - I am only on 10mgs a night. but I just want to get nack into routine again . I took the Ami at 8.30 am by the way

12-02-11, 19:12
yes sounds fine as 10mgs is a VERY low dose, I used to be on 100mgs at night! and 40 mgs of seroxat in the day, now on 50mgs. amitryptiline at your dose of 10mgs is used for nerve pain and those people take them in the day.
I've forgotten drugs of the years and 1 day ain't going to matter
Just go back to your usual routine tomorrow

jaded jean
12-02-11, 19:15
Hi Kath
thankyou so much I am a whittle ass at times . It will bre ok to tak the amitryp tonight as well tho ?????.
Thanks again Jean

12-02-11, 19:17
oh yes it will be fine. If you'd taken a 150mgs this am and then another 150mgs tonight THat would be a different matter. I think the maximum dose is 150mgs a day (24hrs), for amitryptiline (what is about this drug -i spell it differently every time i write it!), so yes

jaded jean
12-02-11, 19:21
Nah just a measley 10mg a day girl I am . I usually put Amitrip when writing
and leave it at that .
Thank you so much for your time I appreciate it. Although I must say it did feel rather nice just being totally relaxed today lol.

12-02-11, 22:31
I very nearly took my Zopiclone (sleeping tablet) this morning which would have totally ruined my day! It's easy done, I've got to take each tablet out the drawer, swallow it, then put the packet on the worktop so I know I've taken it but if you get distracted by something it's easy to get mixed up especially as I'm not a "morning person" at the the best of times. :D

jaded jean
13-02-11, 11:17
Hi Haz,
I do the same but for some reason I was just thinking about when sometimes you cannot wait to take the tablet as you will get more relaxed and oops I just took it with a good drink of water too! and spent the next ten mins trying to make myself sick .
Anyway today back to square one after a terrible nights sleep. Today will be better:-)