View Full Version : How accurate is an ECG?

12-02-11, 18:47
Just wanted to know how accurate an ECG is. I was googline earlier which I know is bad and I saw stuff about arrythmias and it totally freaked me out. 5 ECG's are enough to show a normal heart right? :unsure:

12-02-11, 18:54
very reliable and accurate.

Your heart is fine.

12-02-11, 19:05
ECG's are very accurate, but it depends on what it was looking for. If you are looking for serious coronary disease, it will show that to a small degree but more investigations would be needed. If you are on this site though i imagine it was for 'racing pulse' and 'palpitations' and it would show these a treat. I am having this at the moment , my pulse rate ROCKEted during pregnancy and hasn't come down since!!. I've had a 24hr trace, which shows what your heart is up to when you are about your everyday buisness, its like a little mobile phone thing that is stuck to your chest. i am awaiting the results. My ECG was normal , but very fast. But i think it is generally aknowledged that it is a 'good' accurate test

12-02-11, 22:08
ECG's are reliable but if you have an arrhythmia that comes and goes then I'm told (by my cardiologist) that the arrhythmia needs to be present on the ECG to identify the rhythm. That's why people get given holter monitors for 24hrs+ In general though, I don't know what your worries are but ECG's are very relaible for diagnosing heart problems, they can even indicate structural heart problems.

12-02-11, 22:50
I have been wondering this too... Have had 5 ecgs since I turned fifteen - all of which were clear - but still getting palpitations and dizziness occasionally. GP said yesterday not to worry and she's asked me to keep a diary of all the different sensations and if something looks worrying from that she'll do more tests but as yet nothing - she did say a 24 hr monitor is only useful if you're having palpitations every day and I'm not... I'm still worried though! Trying desperately to take comfort from what CRY say about ECG screening but still worrying! :(