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13-02-11, 19:19
I have just started taking propranolol yesterday, I feel a bit off, I also finished taking prozac last Thursday 10Th Feb after taking it for 9 days. (the doctor said just stop taking the prozac) I can't work out if I feel crap because I am coming off the prozac of because I have started the propranolol. I have a metalic taste in my mouth and feel fluey and yesterday I could feel palpitations (I have never had these before) The propranolol was given because I have high blood pressure and to aid anxiety a two pronged approach I suppose. But I don't want to end up worse for side effects than when I started. Any Ideas?

14-02-11, 12:32

14-02-11, 12:39
Hi Buster

Propanolol is good stuff, well I think so. Have been taking it for about 5 months and it is doing its job. I don't have high BP just severe anxiety. You have to give it a chance. I don't know where the metallic taste comes from. It could be from the fluoxetine but you haven't been on that very long. It could be that you are not taking enough fluids.

Take care Thyme

14-02-11, 12:44
Thanks Thyme. Please could you tell me what dose Propanolol you are on for anxiety. And does it take away that tummy churning feeling?

14-02-11, 13:50

I'm on 10mg twice a day. I take it at around 8 in the morning and 8 at night. (I think this is quite a small dose but I am not a big person and I have some drug allergies so my doctor is cautious) Yes, it has gotten rid of the tummy churning feeling but I think it was about 2 weeks before I really noticed a definite difference and about 2 months before my biggest problem (panic attacks in shops) was really controlled.

I also have been taking Citalopram 20mg for just over 3 weeks and this is also beginning to have a good effect. I was highly resistant to any medication to begin with but was finally persuaded to try when I found I was constantly aching with joint pains and back ache because I was almost rigid with anxiety.

I honestly think you have to give these meds a chance to work. If you think about it our illness didn't develop overnight and it isn't going to go away overnight either.

Take care

14-02-11, 17:42
Thanks Thyme. I am only on a small dose of propanolol at the moment I was told to take two 10mg's twice a day but I tried that and it made me feel very dizzy so I have cut back to 10mg's twice a day for a few days and it does not seem to be to bad. I will build back up by the weekend I think. I am beginning to think I am not compatible with any pills other than paracetamols etc. I still have the horrible butterflies in my tummy though, I am not depressed in anyway that I am aware of and that's the thing that's confusing me.

14-02-11, 19:05

It sounds like you started too high too quickly and cutting back was a good idea. The butterflies may be nothing to do with the propanolol and will go of their own accord.


18-02-11, 20:55
Hi Buster,

I too have just been prescribed Propranolol at 40mg twice a day along with an increase in my dose of citalopram from 20mg to 40mg after 3 months of 20mg with no improved effects. Im also taking 7.5mg zopiclone to counteract the sleep disturbance the citalopram is causing!
Im hoping that the propranolol calms down my severe anxiety, as the citalopram doesnt seem to be doing anything for that, although it has eased my depression very slightly (in that i actually smile sometimes now!!)
Im nervous about starting taking it, so let me know how you get on and i'll do the same! x

18-02-11, 21:10
Hi. mbmb11.

I started the other day at 10mg x 2 aday so 40mg's in total, I think I over did it to start with. I had just stopped taking prozac due to very bad side effects though. So I don't know if it was the withdrawal from the prozac of the starting of the propranolol that was the problem. anyway I decided to start low with 5mg twice a day and have now built up to 10mg twice a day and to be honest after the first few shaky days they seem to be helping now. I have been taking them a week today. next week I will go up to 12.5 mg twice aday then build up to the 20mg twice a day as prescribed. you may find you can handle the full lot all in one go unfortunately I don't seem to be able to take any drugs without suffering first lol. let me know how you get on.