View Full Version : Abnormal ECG results!!

14-02-11, 09:34

I started having palpitations and flutters at the beginning of January, so took myself to the doctors who did an ECG.

They have told me the results are slightly abnormal, and that it is something to do with the ventricle. They have referred me to see a cardiologist, but have said its nothing serious but just to be cautious.:ohmy:

can anyone shed any light on this ive been put on beta blockers but im worried sick which isnt helping :scared15:

14-02-11, 09:38
Hi there

Someone I know had to have an ECG last year and they informed him it was "mildly abnormal", which of course was very worrying. They then sent him for an echocardiogram which gives a clear image of the heart, and this was normal. The cardiologist came to the conclusion that it was probably something that he had been born with which causes a slight variation in the heart trace. You could well find that this is the issue with you as well, as there are lots of minor variations which actually aren't dangerous.