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23-02-11, 12:34
Hi, I don't often ask for help but I am really struggling. I have been taking 100mg trazodone over the last 4 months for anxiety which has been working well for me.

Recently I have done great (stopped smoking almost six weeks ago and alcohol nearly 3 weeks ago). Great I thought but is seems my anxiety levels have gone through the roof and the doctors at my practice must be sick seeing me over the las 10 days.

After a lot of faffing to a fro my meds have now been increased to 300mg at night but I haven't been able to cope with the increased anxiety on waking and throughout the day. I actually feel really,really depressed now and just don't know what to do.

I have been given 3 x 5mg diazepam to help but I just don't know what to do now.:shrug: I haven't felt this down for a long,long time.

Thanx in advance

23-02-11, 12:43
Hi missy,

Well done on stopping smoking and stopping the alcohol :)

Maybe this is why your anxiety has increased its a lot to stop all at once (but you have done great)

Give the new dosage time to settle in your system and take the diazepam as and when needed to help you through until it all settles down again. Sorry I can't be of much help. X

23-02-11, 12:48
Thanx Sammi

I know it will take time but I can't stop the tears today. I will take the diazepam as and when and I know my poor body will take time to adjust.

thanx again

23-02-11, 12:54
Aww missy,

Its hard to keep the tears in when you feel so low with anxiety and depression but you will get there. Look at what you have acheived stopping smoking (which is so hard) and stopping the alcohol you should be so proud of yourself, you can beat this. :) x

23-02-11, 15:27
Thanx again Sammi - I know I am doing well with the cigs and alcohol - never thought that would happen lol - must stop beating myself up but is so hard waiting for new dosage to kick in - don't really like taking the diazepam but it helps :yesyes:

23-02-11, 15:38
hello Missy:)

I feel for you .................it is horrid feeling so weepy and low :hugs:

but heck you must give yourself a HUGE pat on back for quitting the cigs and alcohol .
Having given up smoking in the past ........it is a hell of a journey for mind and body to make as the toxins leave the body ...........and your brain gets used to no nicotine .....and the psychological aspect is difficult .
good for you Missy .

23-02-11, 15:41
Yes stop beating yourself up :) hopefully it won't be too long for the new dose to kick in.

I don't like taking meds but without sounding hooked I love diazepam

:blush: my doctor won't give me anymore lol :)

23-02-11, 15:42
Hi Snowgoose :)

Thank you also for your words of encouragement - I am still sat here with tears blinding me - but I am starting to feel better already so thanx for that both of you (Sammi also) :D

23-02-11, 15:45

Missed that last post but I am also a fan of diazepam :yesyes: but this lot is my last so I am taking it easy with them.:ohmy:

23-02-11, 15:54
:hugs: aw its your last lot too? :ohmy: glad your starting to feel a bit better, remember it will get better :hugs:

23-02-11, 15:55
sometimes we just have to weep my love eh? it releases some of those hellish stress hormones and in a way tires us out and gets us some release xx

You are not alone here on this forum .....we all know what it is like men and women old and young ................the day that goes on forever in pain.
Tomorrow can be different and better .........you will get there xx
I didnt and dont believe it when in that despair Missy........but we got to trust and know that it will .
hug to you .x

23-02-11, 15:57
afraid so :ohmy: but feeling so much more positive now and tears have dried up - so thanx and :hugs:back x

23-02-11, 15:59
Thank you Snowgoose and I think you are right- it has been so long since I have cried - think I needed the release - and :hugs:back x