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24-02-11, 03:32
Hi, I'm a 20 year old male who has been suffering from BPPV sence october 2009 , I have weekly attacks that cause problems with balence nausea ,Vertigo , dizziness The attacks happen 3 to 4 times a week and usally put me out for the rest of the day ,I also suffer from severe depression and severe panic attacks ,OCD and Genralized anxiety disorder, Currently have been in therapy for 6 months with not the slighist change or progress

.I obsseively wash my hands, Fear germs and being forced into a place with possible germs makes me very uncomfortable and panic, I get intrusive thoughts and cant bare touch something that has not been washed or cleaned or go near anybody that has not washed there hands, I rarely leave the house only once a week
.I suffer from severe anxiety and get hundreds of phyical symptoms daily to great severity

.I have depression that causes me to be very poorly motivated and forgetfull and loose concentraion, i also have trouble getting dressed on my own and trouble cooking my own food , I cannot go out alone and have trouble being left alone and get daily panic attacks if i feel uncomrtable or pushed in to something,

Would this seem like enouth to claim any sort of benifits ?

I have not claimed money before only child allowence , and have no idea what to do and have trouble concentrateing on the phone and speaking to people ,I have also not worked at all , only self employment whitch earned under 40 every fortnight

24-02-11, 04:03
I claim DLA and I have OCD, GAD and Bipolar. They accepted the application so I don't see why they shouldnt accept yours.

You don't really need to talk to anyone to apply for it, you have to fill in a form. I find it hard to touch things like you so my carer did it for me and asked me some questions.

24-02-11, 11:06
I think you may be able to do some this over the phone or online. You will need help from you GP too.

You may experience a tough time - they are being tough on benefits just now. But don't give up, pm me and i will do my best to help you.x

As my Dr advised me this morning you are poorly and its your right to receive help so stay positivexx

Chris W
07-08-11, 12:15

As much as I would not want anyone to not apply for DLA, this particular area that you are applying for as receiving severe scrutiny now under the application process.
It is important to gather as much information as possible and list this in your DLA application, don't worry if thee isn't enough space use a separate piece of paper and ensure that you list the appropriate questions numbers.