View Full Version : Switching from Citalopram to Paroxetine

24-02-11, 16:30
Hi. It's mainly social anxiety that I suffer with. I currently take 30mg of Citalopram but I don't feel like it really helps me in social situations. After seeing my GP yesterday we both decided that I should give Paroxetine a try. Trouble is like many of you I'm scared about trying something new and the side effects it may cause. I've read some awful things online that have completely put me off. I'd been really grateful to hear any success stories and also is there anyone who suffers from social anxiety and takes Paroxtine and can say it really helps in social situations?? Look forward to your replies!!

25-05-11, 20:35
why has he put you on paroxetine there must be something better, has he explained
the after effects of taking it ,and possible problems with comming off it , cos if he hasnt the docs a fool.