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03-04-06, 12:03
anyone please help i ve been paroxetine 2 weeks i feel poo i wonder anyone else been on them and how long this last for.............i ve been on this before and it helped cant remember feeling like this anyone please advice xxxxx

03-04-06, 13:20
Hey zoss,
Was on it for about 7 months- horid feelin went after about 2 weeks for me but they didnt really help!!! of meds ow- feelin much better for it too!!! hope they work for u though!!!

03-04-06, 13:31
Didnt work for me but has worked for others like you. The side effects generally only last a few weeks but can difffer.

I have also read that once stopped an ssri,SOME people go back on them and find they work better than last time or dont work at all. Goes with side effects too. (i have read lots on meds since I was always scared of them and need to know lol)

See how you go with it this time a bit longer. If the effects dont stp, then maybe try another but keep it for the time being, they will most likely subside.

p.S. Did you start off slowly and raise dose slowly?


Learning to under react

03-04-06, 15:21
no i am 20 mg been on them from the start they worked good before

03-04-06, 15:24
Id say its side effects that will go away. even though no effects like this before, It is a decent dose to start with so side effects Id say for sure.

Give it another week or so (unless side effects are unlivable). They should disappear. These meds should be started off slower really to minimise the side effects.

I know you didnt have them last time but each time can be different. Give it a while longer :)

hang in there


Learning to under react

03-05-06, 13:46
hi i was on seroxat for 4 years worked wonders for me they take a few weeks to work but then all panic went,,good luck

05-05-06, 00:03
personally I would not touch Seroxat with a barge pole !

06-05-06, 12:06
hi i was on it for 5 years was great for me did feel rough for 2 weeks but had 2mg diazapam to take edge off .. good luck give it time

jools xx