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02-03-11, 21:06
hi guys ive not been on or a while i felt not to bad but i think my anx is back again 25 weeks now and feeling tired constantly fel faint all time even when lying down also weak feeling and overheating feeling ive had bloods done and no apparent cause for it but today its been constant like im going to pass out im not that young at 39 i feel im not coping well and something will happen can this anx be causing the weak faint feeling

24-05-11, 09:43
hya im am 34 weeks preg with my 3rd child and i have felt this way since i concieved!!! my m/w and doctors cant find anything wrong medically other than anxiety which doesnt reassure you very much :( especially wen u feel so light headed and dizzy all the time, mine has progressivly got worse the further along i have got and the m/w said it is the pregnancy puttin strain on my body increasin the anxiety/panic and therefor in turn increasing the symptoms that accompany this :( hope u can find sum reassurance and try to rest its supposedly the best thing! :)

macc noodle
24-05-11, 16:10
Sweetheart as long as you keep your regular check ups and tell them how you are feeling - you are doing the best you can.

I had a really stressful first pregnancy - with very high anxiety and panic - it was one long round of panic attacks - the hormones can make it worse apparently if you are that way inclined.

I was constantly dizzy and frightened of fainting - but nothing was wrong with me!

Take heart - I delivered a beautiful healthy baby and once my hormones had settled down, I began to feel more evenly balanced with less panic and anxiety and the dizziness had all gone.


24-05-11, 20:24
macc noodle that is very reassuring to read thanks.. :)

29-05-11, 20:25
thanks guys well im now 38 weeks so not long to go but still feelin rough today but thank u for ur replies xxxxx