View Full Version : do i need a higher dose of traz?

03-03-11, 23:34
well im just five days into taking my trazodone and have noticed that for the last couple of nights it seems to be having less of an effect. for the first couple of nights i slept really well and didn't crave any alcohol. the last couple of nights i have been taking it and it hasn't been making me sleepy. im guessing it is because my body is getting used to the traz and built up a bit of a resistance. does this mean that i need to ask my doc about raising the dosage?. i am currently taking the lowest dose of just 50mg. im just a bit worried that anymore than 50mg will make me tired all day.

23-03-11, 11:19
I have found this too. I've been taking it for just over 2 weeks now. The first week, 50mg, the second week, 100mg and this last Monday increased to 150mg, which is supposed to be the therapeutic dose for depression. I now wake up with a wide awake brain inside a dumbed down body..... agggh! Also increased appetite.