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06-03-11, 15:49
Hello..im agoraphobic i have been claiming d.b.l allowance and income support payed because of illness..have been told i have to go to the jobcentre to see a personal adviser about finding work..i have not been out off the house for 4yrs so it will be impossible to go! has anyone else had any problems with the new rules.. im 60 this year and live alone!

06-03-11, 15:50
Hi painter

A huge warm welcome to nmp.

You'll get loads of advice and support here and make some lovely friends along the way.

Best wishes

06-03-11, 20:46
Hi there,

I would phone them, tell them you're agraphobic and ask if the meeting can be conducted in your home. Maybe you could have someone there with you as well like a close friend or relative?

Good Luck.

07-03-11, 12:13
hello thanks for the reply. have phoned them and they are going to talk to my daughter and hopefully do the interview over the phone with her. so all should be ok.
thanks again

07-03-11, 19:20
Good stuff! Hope it all goes well for you.


08-03-11, 17:49
Hope all goes well for you.
I have not been out the house alone for years and can not really go far even with someone.
I am dreading this happening to me as well