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13-03-11, 22:37
any one out there feel that paroxitine stopped working? I have been on it for 15years, had a baby last year and since then i have suffered with a lack of motivation?. and really bad insomnia (baby sleeps all night!LOL) I upped the dose to 40mgs a day, but nothing. My Gp changed it to venlafaxine, and that was horrendus! anxiety through the roof, but it did get rid of low motivation !!-couldn't tolerate it, much the same with stertraline.
I have in the past tried mirtazipine , amitriptiline, citalopram (this was ok, but anxiety not so good)
Anyone out there have a similar problem- and what did they do/take to overcome it?
(apologies in advance for appalling spelling!)

14-03-11, 01:27
I'm in the same boat just now (apart from having a baby). Seroxat stopped working after 14 years at the end of 2009. Since then I've been on escitalopram, pregabilin, imipramine and am now on sertraline. I've not been feeling too good last few days but I've only been on sertraline for 7 weeks. I'm sure there is a hormonal element, I'm nearly 43yrs and I;m convinced I'm heading for an early menopause as I feel much worse the two weeks out of the month before my period.

Hope you feel better soon.


macc noodle
14-03-11, 02:17
I can't answer the Seroxat question krees69 but to haz would just like to say that I do believe that you have more problems with anxiety and effectiveness of meds once you enter peri-menopause (ie., that period of time before menopause which can be 7 years or so I have been told - eeeeeeeeeeeeeek).

I have had a very severe escalation of HA and GAD problems in last 18 months which my GP has said is directly related to my blessed hormones - oh the joys !!!

I suppose that having a baby could have the same effect???????


15-03-11, 00:34
Hi Macc Noodle,

I'm going to ask my (female) GP if she'll do a blood test to check my hormone levels. I've brought this issue up with my (male) psychiatrist but he's not interested. Typical! :shrug: