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06-04-06, 23:42
Hi all I have been told by my GP that CBT is the best therapy for panic/anxety disorders but he says there are not many qualified therapists to do this in my area (Derbyshire) or in the country in general and I would have to wait 18 months to see one unless i go private. Has anyone else had this problem or could anyone advise some other treatments that might be more obtainable.


07-04-06, 07:38
I hope hes put you on his waiting list for CBT ?

I asked for CBT 4 years ago and started it 2 weeks ago, it was bad because for the first year they told me i was on the list and when ever i complained they just said yes theres a big waiting list.
In the end i telephoned the CBT team and they told me the waiting time is 3 months! Then i challanged my doctor who told me i needed councilling first..my CBT has not told me councilling makes people worse not better (which i agree).

I think GPS hope you will improve without paying out the money so keep on asking.


07-04-06, 08:03
I have been waiting about 18 month for cbt now and they have told me the waiting list is around 21 months.
My doc referred me to a cpn just while i was waiting and this helps a bit, might be worth asking your doctor.
Another thing my cpn told me about an organisation where you can buy little booklets with the basic ideas behind cbt for 2.50 each. I have 2 of these booklets 'controlling anxiety & understanding panic' they are only small but worth the money in my opinion.
They arre written by cbt therapists to help people with self help.
Let me know if you want the info.
Take care

07-04-06, 21:03
I waited 18months,when I was offered it.
But only had the introduction as was moving.
So now in another county, the doctor has told me there is a very long waiting list.

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07-04-06, 21:14
Wave the NICE guidelines at him and you may get it quicker!


08-04-06, 15:21
Yes I live in Derbyshire. I had to wait only a few weeks, but that was over 3 years ago. She was great, but then she left the NHS. I did see someone privately but didn't seem to 'click' with him.
I am now looking at www.livelifetothefull.com., and also sent my name address to NHS CBT online. So we will see what happens. I hope you get sorted out soon.

Jenny xxx

08-04-06, 15:30
SORRY Should read www.livinglifetothefull.com

Jenny xx