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daisy chain
07-04-06, 19:07
i have been taken sjw for 13 weeks my herbalist has suggested rhodiola
for tension has any one tried rhodiola with good results? daisy[:o)]

anita jane

07-04-06, 19:25
Try this ...

Rhodiola anyone? or suggestions (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=8871)


28-12-08, 03:52
Hi I took Rhodiola on the advice of my pharmacist as an alternative to anti- depressant prescribed by my GP after the birth of my little boy. The anti depressant that I had been prescribed made my symptoms worse. I tried Rhodiola (for the long-term), Skull cap (short-term) and Agnus Castus along with B complex. The effects were amazing and I slowly got my life back I took the supplements for approx 2 years. I haven't taken Rhodiola or Agnus castus for 7 months (decided to have a break) and recently noticed an increase in my anxiety.
I have found that a combination of supplements, healthy eating ie plently of turkey, oily fish, herbal teas especially camomille, cutting out sugar and starchy foods especially white bread & white pasta, yoga, light therapy-light boxes are fantastic to lift mood, brisk 20 mins walk a day if possible, swimming, gym-start off gently and try if you can afford to work with a personal trainer to help with confidence especailly if you are anxious about heart pounding etc.., lavendar oil, Bach rescue remedy, hypnotherapy-great to help deep relaxation & trying to have fun take mind off symptoms all help to lift mood and lower my anxiety levels....