View Full Version : Could I have MS? (multiple sclerosis)

24-03-11, 11:32
Is constant lightheadedness, occasional tingling in head/face a symptom of MS? My reflexes have been checked and blood tests (both fine), but not sure how it's picked up..just wondering if it's another possibility.



24-03-11, 11:48
Could be symptoms of about 100 things but most probably anxiety. My friend has MS. You'd know if you had it. The doctor's thought she'd had a stroke at first. The symptoms can be pretty severe and you'd really not be feeling well.

Also, I just looked up the symptoms. I do not have Health Anxiety. However, I do have 14 symptoms of MS and I'm not worried. I think the possibility of MS is so improbable that it's not worth considering despite having 14 symptoms.

Sorry if that came across wrong. I'm just trying to say that it is your HA causing you to think this and that if anyone else was in your position they would not have the same thoughts. So don't worry about it :)

24-03-11, 13:59
Thanks very much for replying, sometimes I just need some logical reason. I think your right though,doctors would have probably spotted it already.