View Full Version : Agoraphobic and pregnant

24-03-11, 13:59
Hi was just wondering if anyone has suffered with agoraphobia whilst pregnant. The things i'm most worried about is labour and after the baby is born because i was severely depressed when i first developed agoraphobia and feel like i'd be prone/open to postnatal depression. Also i'm worried about how i'll cope with lack of sleep etc. And i also don't want my baby to be stuck in the house all the time at the moment i rely heavily on my mum to go out with her and i don't want to punish my child with my own problems. The appointments are things i know i'd get to for my baby as they aren't very often. I'm so scared! :weep:

25-03-11, 14:27
:flowers: hi hun, don't worry your not alone .. i was like that wheni was pregnant with my first child, take a walk on your own each day for 10 mins then longer as you start to feel comfy it worked for me x you'll be fine don't worry xx

07-11-11, 01:09
i had it too with my daughter, my husband quietly asked what was going to happen when then baby came ? and I had no idea I couldnt go to the s upermarket without someone coming with me and then it was hard. But when she was born it was actually easier because I had her focus on. But you do need a plan , do exposure test, go out for 10 mins feel really scared and ride it through, do 20 mins when you feel up to it, and keep going. It will absolutely get better if you work at it.

17-11-11, 20:32
im pregnant now (only 17 weeks) and i suffer from agrophobia and i have 3 kids already, and im exactly the same, i worry because of hospital appointments im needing to go to and i have one next week. Your defo not alone x