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29-03-11, 01:52
well, its been quite awhile it seems since ive been on here. The last time I posted, I think I was 4 weeks pregnant and had quit taking my xanax. Boy was that an experience :/ withdrawal symptoms from those things even after only being n them for less than a year, are brutal!! So, anyway, I am now 14 weeks (times flies) kinda lol. Well, my anxiety had seemed to almost disappear for a few weeks, and now its back. I have had a chest xray since being pregnant, a v-scan(a nuclear test to test for blood clots in the lungs), a pulmonary function test, and 3 ultrasounds all that are normal. Well, I am back today because I have been experiencing extreme dizziness, faintness, and nausea today. I know this is very common during pregnancy, especially if you dont eat right, stand up to fast, or whatever else. This morning I only ate a 1/2 of a banana, which I know was the cause for that episode, but after dinner tonight (pizza, corn, and pb&j crackers) about an hour later the feeling came back. I was at my sons tball practice, and if I turned my head, tried to get up, I was more dizzy than I was when I was just sitting there. An believe me, just sitting there was terribly hard! Of course this feeling then caused me to go into panic attack, chest tightness, trouble breathing, etc. What could have possibly caused this, this time? Any help is appreciated. Its been over 2 hours now and Im still a little dizzy, but laying down on my left side now (which is said to do when you feel like this) but nothings helping =( fyi: i drink plenty of water and gatrade throughout the day so Im sure Im not dehydrated.... Thank you for your help

29-03-11, 02:16
Hi. I think your dizziness can be explained by pregnancy and not eating properly, and also anxiety. I know it must be hard but please try not to worry about your symptoms. Congratulations on your pregnancy by the way. :flowers:

07-11-11, 01:06

I actually get that dizzy thing alot too. like turning my head sets off some kind of reaction it freaks me out. I just p ut it down to low blood pressure for ages but now I have noticed it completley tied up with stress, I thin kI tense up the muscles in one side of my neck when Im stressed.