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30-03-11, 16:05
hi i am 24 weeks pregnant and was after a bit of advice i am getting bad leg and back pain worse at night depending on side i am sleeping on i do get it during the day but more managable as i can walk and move if i get uncomfortable can you get aches in your stomach with this type of pain in pregnancy i am very anxious any way about things going wrong so any ache and pain i panic i know we get aches and pains with things growing and moving but i am worried its something worse i have had these aches in my stomach right from the begining all scans been ok and i can feel movement am i just getting worried and worked up i did go to docs today with leg and lower backache and he gave me sicknote for 2 weeks and said take paracetamol sorry for long post going on any help would be helpful thanks toria xx

06-04-11, 12:19

I understand exactly how you feel. My daughter is now 1 but those 9 months of pregnancy were the longest of my life. I had infertility issues so when i found out i was pregnant it was the best news ever. But every pang, pain, anything, sent me worrying that things weren't right.

It sounds like siatica to me. Its when you get twinging and pain in the lower back and it radiates down your leg and come sometimes leave you feeling numb. 24 weeks is prime time as your baby is beginning to develop more and more.

Try sleeping on your left side, it is the optimum side to sleep on. You will probably experience this sort of pain on and off unfortunately. The pains in your stomach might just be the baby growing. Sometimes your tummy can feel quite sore and its just your baby moving around, having fun and strethcing you.

Try and relax if possible. I udnerstand its worrying but if the scans are all fine and the doctors don't seem worried then try and calm down and enjoy it. Being pregnant is so special and feeling your baby move is amazing. If they have signed you off for 2 weeks, really take advantage and rest. Maybe take yourself off on some walks now the weather is getting nicer. Walking is actually good for the pain in your back/leg believe it or not.

Good luck and if I can help in any way....

macc noodle
06-04-11, 15:23
Yep - definitely sounds like sciatica to me - very uncomfortable and very common in pregnancy - good news is that it will probably go once you have had the baby :)

I suffered when I was expecting my first 16 years ago - then still had occasional twinge when doing heavy housework etc over the years but nothing at all when expecting my second child 6 years later.

Hope that helps


06-04-11, 20:42
Thankyou both for the replys they helped very much thanks again toria xx