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31-03-11, 22:53
Hi everyone
Hope your all doing well and trying to enjoy your pregnancys ,i just want to know if anybody is on medication whilst pregnent? I suffer with anxiety and panic too and have since my 2nd son was born .been on medication anti ds, diazepam and now the beta blockers .the beta blockers have helped me and now i think ive become dependent on them and keep bugging my doc to help me off them as im soo scared to just stop them because how i will cope off them but you see this may sound silly thing -but i really want a baby im not being selfish or anythink but i have 3 boys and planned to have another baby but i kind of put it off and fought id let all my problems beat me and not bother but ive deceied that the anxiety may remain for ever but i will beat it one day lol and i dont want it to let it beat me . but i do need to get off these tablets they make me feel lightheaded alot and im constantly hungy and of course if i get pregnent i will have to stop them straight away oh my how would i cope with my feelings and sensations i feel ?! has anybody gone through similar. would just really like some support .Such hard descions ,but eitherway pregnent or not i have to come off them one day my doc says to try taking just the one tab and then decrease it .they will have to give me diazpam for a month whilst i stop them arghh .sorry for going on just want to chat with people in same situations.cheers xxx

05-04-11, 12:43
You need to come off them slowly, if you take them 3 times a day then start by taking 2 the next, then take 1 and a half the next day then half the next etc, thats what my doc said when i came off them, they arent dependanable but dangerous if you just stop them.

good luck x

Hazel B
05-04-11, 16:18
I had Propranolol 40mg 3 times daily and cut down over 2 weeks by one tablet each day for the first week, then down to only one tablet each day (in the morning when I was worst) in the second week. I saw my GP in the 2nd week to make sure that was OK and he told me I'd been logical and careful, and that they are not addictive. You just have to make sure your body is out of panic mode as you cut down. I knew the adrenaline had eased off as my heart was WAY too slow once I was calmer.

Take care.

06-04-11, 19:19
Remeber, there are meds you can take when pregnant if you need to. I had severe anxiety during my pregnancy and, by coincidence, I also had been on beta blockers before I was pregnant as I had a heart condition. My cardiologist told me that if I needed to go back on the beta blockers during the pregnancy this could be done under supervision, so if you really couldn't cope when pregnant you might be able to use them if you were monitored.

My GP was happy to prescribe SSRIs during my pregnancy if I needed them, especially after the first trimester. She also gave me some diazepam in the third trimester for emergencies. In the end, I didn't take either of them, but having them helped. MY GP also referred me for CBT, which also really helped me get through. So there is no reason for you to think there would be nothing to help you cope - medication isn't advised, but it is more dangerous to have uncotrolled anxiety.

Good Luck!

08-04-11, 20:25
Thanks very much for your nice words of advice, Saw my doctor yesterday and hes dropped my dose down from 2.5mg twice a day too 1.25 twice a day he wants me to stay on these for a month and see then dropp them too 1 1.25mg a day and see how i get on .he said that he has pateients on them for years but if i want to come off them then i need to relax and gradully do it so thats wot im doing .but you see i stopped them abruplty before didnt take any for 2 days and it was horrible so thats why im even more nervous about it ,hoping and praying that i will be alright if not then i know i can always go back on the orignal dose.i just know i have to beat this anxiety one way or the other .cannot let it control us. hope your all ok and thanks for repliesxxxxxx