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23-03-04, 12:49
Hi everyone,
I've been on venlefaxine 150mg now for about 3 weeks.
Does anyone have any weird and wonderful side effects e.g
can't sit still for long and when I do sit my legs are always on the move.
Very poor apppetite.
Loss of concentration.
Go into a room and don't know why I'm there.
By night time my throat gets a horrible tightness.
Can't finish doing 1 job in the house quick enough so I can start on another piece of housework.
LOL my mind has gone a blank now.
Hope I'm not the only one[:p]
Best wishes

23-03-04, 17:50
'Restless legs' is a real syndrome and may or may not be a sideeffect.

Check the home page under medication..

You're just showing anxiety symptoms such as the tight throat - not drug related at all.


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23-03-04, 22:42
Hi Donna

Take a look at this ...