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11-04-06, 00:26
Ok.First off I have had a problem with anxiety for almost 8 years now.I have panic attacks,ocd the whole 9 yards.I am also a big hypochondriac,thinking I have diseases from bad infections to cancer.One of my worst obsessions is that I will somehow become drugged.My mom used to tell me to watch my drink when I was younger when I went out(which is logical)But I think I have taken that to the next level.I have never done drugs ever,and one of the symtoms I get with my anxiety is a detached feeling that can get scary,at least it is to me,and I think I am afraid of being in contact with anything that would worsen it since I have been trying so long to get better.
The obsession that I will somehow get drugged stems from(i think)when my mom said that about watching your drink,and also from things I have seen in movies etc since I again am a big hypochondirac.For example no matter where I am including,including my own home,if I leave a drink on the table I will not drink out of it again.That is just one thing.I do not understand why I do this:(.Does anyone else feel this way towards drugs?

11-04-06, 02:12
lol I can totally relate to you. I am nutty like that also! I am somewhat worried about being drugged, but I am mostly very worried about bacteria. I will not eat at other people's homes. There are only a few resturants that I will eat at. I also wont drink anything if it has been left alone. I am terrified of having allergic reactions to things. I stopped eating nuts just because I know they are an allergen. (I have NEVER had an allergic reaction to them) I only take pain medication if it is REALLY bad, and even when I do I am convinced that I am swelling up. I know all of these thoughts are totally irrational... But none the less, they are there. I am just trying to accept these thoughts as part of this, and part of me.