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11-04-06, 12:58
I'm currently taking a 50mg vit b complex once a day with my breakfast. I've noticed that in the morning my wee (sorry!!) is bright yellow. I know one of the b vits can do this, but does it mean I am taking more b vitamins than I need? How long should you take 50 mg for?

11-04-06, 13:04
It depends what B vitamin you are talking about.

You can take too much of most vitamins but I would need to know what B vitamins they are etc to tell you rec max daily dose.

But even on normal amounts of B vitamins, your wee will go bright yellow so I would not worry too much but post up the details of what B vitamins and how much etc and I will let you know.

P.S. Take Omega 3 fatty acid (fish oil caps). Awesome stuff!!!!!
See my post on it :)


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11-04-06, 14:38
Thanks for your help Chop.
This is what I'm taking
B complex with:
Thiamine B1 50mg
riboflavin B2 50mg
niacin 50mg
B6 50mg
folic acid 400ug
B12 50ug
biotin 0.050mg
pantothenic acid 50mg
PABA 50mg
choline bitartrate 50mg
inositol 50mg

On the bottle it gives %RDA and some of these are way over it!
I also take 500mg vitC and 300.0mg magnesium
I eat brazil nuts and walnuts and sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds daily.

I've tried fish oil caps, but couldn't take them - I don't like fish and they smelt so strongly of fish, I couldn't get them anywhere near my mouth!!! Any ideas for alternatives - that don't smell of fish!!

Love Helen

12-04-06, 03:37
Hi Guys
All Vit B will do that to you I find its clear by about lunch usually

Don't believe everything you think.

12-04-06, 08:48
Mine is clear by lunchtime - I just wanted to be sure I wasn't taking too much, I've read about how easy it is to take too much vitamins and I get a bit 'funny' about stuff like that!
Love Helen

12-04-06, 23:08

I take fish oils but I've heard that Flax Seed oil is a good alternative as it contains both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. You should be able to get some from most health food shops.

Jo Fitzgerald

13-04-06, 07:47
Thanks Jo - I'll go into Holland and Barret and see if I can get some.
Love Helen

17-04-06, 17:00
Giddy, I hav looked it all up. Youa re not taking too much vit b.

All Good :D

Sorry for the long delay.

P.S. Someone mentioned flaxseed oil. Hav a look at all my posts recently about omega 3 and fish oil.

Not trying to rain on someones parade but if interested in omega 3 try fish oil. Works wonders has DHA and EPA in it. One benefit over flax is that the body does not have to convert it first, it just goes straight in.

Have a read a of my posts on it if you want.

P.S. flaxseed is very good also!! The bad thing is we alreay take too much omega 6 (although an essential fatty acid) as it is found in many vege oils etc. It should be 4:1 O6 to O3 but more like 20:1 in western diets. Putting it bluntly, you alreasy most likely take way too much omega 6, like 99% of people.

Flaxseed oil no doubt helps many things, the Omega 6 worries me and many other people, thats all. Although a good oil, it must be balanced and as we eat so much omega 6 from other sources (way too much), it is way out of wack and balance needs to brought back to Omega 3 trigylicerides(sp) EPA/DHA. Maninly EPA.

You may need a fair bit of fish oil per day and may take a while to work.
I take up to 12 caps per day. 4 x 3. It becomes natural. People with arthritus take similar and other conditions more so unless you are a diabetic or you have blood problems, it will be fine. It is like eating oily fish a few times a week.

FORGET cod liver oil in high doses!!!

Natural fish oil only (tested for mercury and pesticides)

I only know all this from the many many hours of reearch and myself taking it.


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17-04-06, 17:43
Thanks Chop - I'll get some fish oils and give them a go, maybe a different brand won't smell as bad, either that or I'll have to hold my nose!!!
Thanks again
Love Helen

17-04-06, 18:03
P.S. I take lots and dont smell at all (breath or body and mine isnt odourless) but you can buy odourless I think if you need to but most dont make you smell unless you take HEAPS.

Also, they in liquid capsules so NO taste at all.

P.S. I HATE fish taste.


P.S. Let me know in a month or so how you go.

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