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09-04-11, 19:39
Has anyone experienced any side effects with this medication? Ive taken it before a few yrs ago and didnt have any bad side effects, I had a few like the dizzyness on standing and mouth dryness but that never bothered me. This time round Im finding Im getting many more side effects and the most annoying ones are flushing and not being able to sweat!

Normally when you get hot in the sun you sweat to help you cool down same goes for when you exercise, but I dont seem to sweat anymore. I only noticed it was severe today, sitting in the sunshine for a while I'd normally perspire a bit on my forehead when its hot outside but I just felt my face and body get hotter and hotter. I went inside to check my face and it was SO red, I literally felt like my head was boiling! Of course that set my anxiety off and I ended up pouring ice cold water over my face which still didnt cool it down much. I have always disliked the heat but Im pretty sure this is something related to my meds and not just me being anxious about the heat. I had a look on the internet and I found a side effect of this type of meds can be anhidrosis. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Did you have to come off them? I was just starting to get somwhere with these meds and would be a big shame if I had to come off them :mad:

09-04-11, 20:50
Hi daydreamer, most meds have some kind of side effects :( I guess it's a matter of weighing up the pro's and con's? I've got a friend who's on Amitryptiline and it gives him horrendous migraines, but he still thinks it's worth taking :)

10-04-11, 20:46
Hiya thanks for your reply! Yes I guess its its worth weighing it all up, I think its too soon to just decide to come off them and I think I should speak to my doc first for some advice too. Thanks x

10-04-11, 20:54
Most side effects are transient, ie, they will pass as your body acclimatises to the meds. It has been a good deal hotter than we have been used to and the change in temp may be causing this, plus you are anxious, which causes hot flashes. Sometimes, meds can have different side effects the second or third time round, so i wouldnt discount the meds, but if they are helping you, its surely worth waiting this out, or talk to your GP if you are overly concerned.