View Full Version : Long term libido loss?

10-04-11, 13:34

I am new here and I have a question about the effects of taking clomipramine for a long period of time, in relation to libido/sex drive.
I started using clomipramine 2 years ago. About a year ago I started seeing someone and we have been together since then.
During the course of our relationship it became clear that (probably) the medication had completely taken away my sex drive.
About a week ago I finally stopped taking the meds. Weaning off them went great, I feel totally fine. The only thing is, I still have no libido.

My question is: does anyone have experience with this issue and does anyone know whether the sexual side effects disappear over time, after stopping with the meds? I'm very happy with my partner and this has been really difficult. I really hope it will pass.

10-04-11, 14:30
Hi ,Sometimes it can take while but for others it comes back sooner .Until then try not to worry too much as being anxious about it will make it worse .Its not been very long at all ,and it should get back to normal very soon All the best ..LuvSue x

10-04-11, 15:26
It'll come back :D I had the same with citalopram.

03-06-11, 17:25
Thanks for the responses guys!
I just find it so hard to stay optimistic.
It has been two months now and things are just the same as ever...
How many months did it take for you Vixxy?
I know everyone is different but I wish I had some sort of indication of how long it will take.