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12-04-06, 16:10
I've always been interested in natural remedies mainly due to my mum's influence. She's into all kinds of alternative therapies and she takes homeopathy to help with her eczema.

Anyway, she recommended that I try taking aconite 30c for my anxiety. I've been taking it for about a week now and I have to say it does seem to be working, after taking it I usually start to relax and feel more chilled out. Skeptics might say it's in the mind but I don't think so. Today I forgot to take it to work with me and I suffered a minor panic, the first one for a good while. Made sure I took some when I got home.

I find homeopathy quite fascinating, apparently it is just a sucrose tablet which works by using the 'essence' or 'energy' of a particular condition or illness which triggers the body's natural energy and immune system which helps you to overcome it.

12-04-06, 17:05
Hi Dave
I'm glad aconite 30 is working for you. I have been seeing a homeopathist and have tried various different remedies, the one that seems to work for me is kali phos 200C. I like homeopathy because there are no side effects at all and I have a real problem with anything that has 'potential' side effects!!
Love Helen

12-04-06, 18:41
Yeah my mum uses kali phos to help her get to sleep. Didn't realise that was homeopathy too.