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13-04-11, 23:08
sorry to pop up again but wondered if anyone could help me out
saw a new head dr for my pure ocd and he started me on 50mg of anafranil and had two weeks to get up to 75mg. Surprisingly i had very little side effects and then off i went for another four weeks to get to ughty 125mg and again no problems. Yeah thought i had cracked it but then after four weeks of feeling ok ish went back down with a bang, so over the last week gone up to 175mg (for four days)

so now i feel quite spacey and unable to concentrate which i am sure is the tablets but these symptoms make me panic that the drugs have stopped working. In total i have been on these for nearly six weeks but have only got to four weeks on a dose(if that makes sense)
Do i have to give it longer at this dose? have people felt ok on these then need to up dose, is that normal with these drugs?
Should i expect to just get better and better or ups and downs to be expected??

Mnay thanks to anyone who responds

14-04-11, 10:14
Hi Stringbean,
I'm a fellow pure-O sufferer and I've read about Anafranil in various OCD books and I wondered whether it might suit me. I'm afraid I can't answer any of your questions but I hoped that by bumping up this post someone might respond who has experience of this drug. My psychiatrist has advised me to give each dose of an antidepressant 7 weeks before deciding whether it has had any effect. All the docs I have seen have warned me that progress is very much a case of two steps forward, one step back. Unfortunately, progress doesn't go in a straight line - it's very much a bumpy road and sometimes it seems to stand still. If we hang on in there, we should get better in the end though!
Please accept my apologies for hijacking your post x

14-04-11, 12:05
your on one of the best drugs ever made give it time
god bless