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13-04-06, 11:47
im going to come off my 40mg of citalorpram soon. Ive just read through the sticky in the forum. And somebody was talking about coming off 10mg and how they felt. Now I am worried about coming off them, more than before. Has anybody got any advice?

13-04-06, 12:21
Hi Kimmy, My son has decided to come off citalorpram too, but he has only been on them 2 months at 20mg. The doctor said it was OK for him to just stop, but could half the dose for a weeek then stop. I think it would be better to half the dose for a while then half it again for a while too, but he seems to think becouse he has only been on them 2 months he can just stop. The meds didnt help him in fact he thinks they made him worst, So like kimmy I would like any advice on this too, Thanks all. Vernon.

13-04-06, 21:25
Hi Kimmy,

I was on citalorpram on and off for many years, the last time was over a year ago, i never had any side effects of stopping taking them, but just make sure that whatever the reason you started taking them is sorted or you are a hundred % sure you dont need them, i got to the point when i would forget to take them so i knew it was right for me as i was not relying on them, so i probably came off them gradually,

hope this helps

kairen x

14-04-06, 08:32
Hi Kimmy,

I think you should come off them gradually and make sure your GP knows and agrees. Not everyone has withdrawal symptoms (or discontinuation symptoms I think theyre officially called) so you may well be absolutely fine.

I came off escitalopram ( which is slightly different) and my GP gradually prescribed smaller doses and then at the smallest I would take one on alternate days and then every three days, four days etc. It took a while, but I coped ok with it.

Good luck and make absolutely sure you are ready to stop them.

Coni X

14-04-06, 09:09
hey kimmy,
I too was a citalopram they put me up to 40mg too but they didnt help- on them around a year and i just weaned myself of very slowly and i was fine!! wot does your doctors say bout comin of them??

14-04-06, 20:21
my doctor has said in 6 months, if im still feeling fine. I believe the issue from all this stemd is ressolved. I have been to counselling and at the time I was taking recreational drugs too. Obviously this has stopped. I dont (touch wood) have panic attacks anymore, just sometimes I worry about getting them and then it stems to, "is my breathing ok, heart etc" but I always stop that after a couple of mins.

My anxiety now is thinking about coming off the meds, can i cope without them, what if I end up as I was before etc. I suppose there normal anxieties.

Before I started having panics, I was very stressed and for quite sometime before I was so tired.

I dont feel like that anymore, I feel more positive but have my off day as we all do.

Thanks everybody for the support. I have achieved so much and alot of that is because of the kind words and advice from you all.

I will listen to my doctor and do what he suggests, Ill wait 6months and then reduce them gradually with support from him.

Thanks again ;)

11-12-07, 17:09
Hey, ive just finished weaning myself off citalopram. I took my last tablet nearly 2 weeks ago. IT IS HARD!! But.. im getting there and remember everybody is different and it could well be worth all the trouble in the end! I hope so hahaha x

02-01-08, 15:40
I've just coming off cipramil and have to say I feel terrible. I was on them for 10 weeks going upto 30mgs and they did not help at all - in fact I felt much worse. I've done some reseach and the general advice is that even if you have only been taking them 4-6 weeks discontinuation symptoms are possible. I have reduced from 30mg to 10mg in the last 8 weeks - everytime I drop a dose I get a really bad metallic taste in my mouth, sore eyes and feel really detached from everything. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm desperate to come off these meds as I have had advserse reactions to most anti depressants and my Dr thinks that I am extremely sensitive to them. Any advice really welcome - I'm sure it's just a case of hanging in there but I feel that most of the people I try and talk to about this don't understand how I'm really feeling.