View Full Version : made it back !!

25-03-04, 12:49
phew ! just got back from the hospital,the journey wasn't too good
they had the roads up chaos everywhere:(
I didn't have full blown panic but hyperventilating most of the time.
Bit dissapointed in myself really but never mind I did it anyhow.

love kiz.
ps,can't stand radio on Paul seems to aggravate,thanks anyway.

25-03-04, 13:01
dont ever be dissapointed you did something without having a full blown panic attack that can only be great news


no one REMEMBER no one has ever died from having a panic attack.ok troops be carefull out there

25-03-04, 14:09

You done it that is the main thing!!!! Don't feel disappointed.
You never let it develop into a full blown panic.


25-03-04, 14:41
thanks pals


25-03-04, 15:49
Dear Kiz

Positive points

Got there
Got back
Presumably did physio too
Negotiated roadworks
Did not panic
Objectives all achieved

Negative point

Breathed too quickly - which can be practiced

Umm what conclusion do you draw ?

Many congratulations indeed


Watch your thoughts, they become your words...
Watch your words, they become your actions... Watch your actions, they become your habits... Watch your habits, they become your character... Watch your character, it becomes your destiny...

25-03-04, 16:53
Oh thanks Meg,hadn't really looked at it like that,feel pleased with
myself now. Must be more positive.. not going to worry about next
weeks appt. well not till Thursday ( he he)
love kiz

25-03-04, 17:15
Just reading this thread got me thinking.

Do you think that GAD or Panic Disorder makes us think more on the negative OR are we just pre disposed to negativity and that brings about the anxiety and panic.

A bit like the chicken and the egg i guess.


I used to be extremely indecisive but now I am not so sure...

26-03-04, 08:10
Think I was always a bit negative before the panics jonny so
it doesn't help any.

26-03-04, 08:37

I think we just think too much..period!!!!


27-03-04, 20:07

Good on you for such an achievement.

Good for coping so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You did grand. Even though a bit uncomfortable, you went through it not around it.

That is what counts.

Pat yourself on the back for a task well completed. :)


A response to your post, I think I agree with Lucky.

I think we all just "THINK" too much period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the "CHICKEN AND THE EGG" analogy though. It makes one wonder does`nt it?

I hope you all are having an anxiety/panic free day. :-D

Take care all,

Diana xxxx