View Full Version : Derealisation without anxiety/panic?

26-04-11, 10:38
Hi all,

Can someone help me please???????

Since Tuesday of last week (ie 1 week now) I have had these horrendous symptoms which are making me feel really miserable and totally not myself. Since Tuesday of last week i have:

- had a dull nagging headache
- felt like my vision is distorted (not really out of focus, more just like looking at the world after 2 glasses of wine or something)
- feel like i'm not really here
- feels like I can't process information
- memory lapses

Can't really think of any others as I am too "wasted" (that's how it feels!!) to think.

Now...I haven't had any panic attacks or felt anxious AT ALL!

I have a really healthy, active lifestyle with regular exercise etc. I don't drink, smoke or take drugs either.

I came off citalopram 4 months ago (with horrendous withdrawal experience) and was on steroids for a week over Christmas for an ear problem.

I have suffered anxiety in the past whereby I would lose appetite, feel sick, have diahorrea, sleepless nights and a general feeling of unease all the time. I have had NONE of these at all and am sleeping soundly every night.

I just want this to go away and just can't understand why everything in my life has been great and I am so happy why I would suddenly have these sensations. These sensations are the same as they were 2 years ago when I was very depressed.....but i don't feel depressed at all nowadays...in fact the total opposite?

I have been calling the Drs for 2 hours and it's constantly engaged.....i just am desperate to be given some anti-depressants again to get rid of this horrible feeling but I can't go on them again as my husband and I are actively trying to get pregnant!

Oh and the other thing is my "cycle" is all over the place too!

Can anyone please help? All the other people feeling these symptoms are saying they have had panic attacks and anxiety and that's what's causing the syptoms but i don't feel anxious?????

PLEASE HELP....i can't go on living like this...its only been a week and i feel i have lost all sense of reality and my personality (which is very lively and bubbly) has disappeared :-(

28-04-11, 16:46
Hi Abic,

Did you manage to contact your dr and discuss this??


02-05-11, 14:39
Hi Spy,

Yes i went to the Drs and they basically told me nothing! They just said "ooh these things happen" and sent me on my way!
I'm not very happy and after the weekend of doing not very much (went camping and tried to chill out) and still no better.
Struggling to figure out whether this is depression/anxirty or whether it's something else but just don't know what!

02-05-11, 14:48
Derealisation and depersonalisation also get me too and these do seem to be harmless symptons of anxiety (cold comfort!). I feel like I have a permanent 'fogginess'. I can't concentrate, focus, at work, I'll stare at my monitor for a few minutes, unsure of what I'm suppoed to be doing. My wife will sometimes get annoyed if I get a bit 'Zombiefied' in the supermarket (Don't think the harsh lighting helps).