View Full Version : Duloxetine. What have I done?

27-04-11, 16:36
Hey up folks...

I finally bit the bullet over the weekend and started to take these that have been sat in a draw along with other pills, Citalapram I think.

A few days in and I have to hold my hands up that the initiall hit has settled off. I thought I was about to die in the 1st 24hours. Still getting some odd, and not too nice bits though. I've seen things mentioned about toilet visits. Both types. :blush:

But I've got face ache like you'd never believe and wondered if that's a common thing?

I've been put on this stuff as a "2 birds 2 stone" trament for depression and neuropathy. Looked at some withdrawal threads as well here. Shocked to see folk getting withdrawals a fter only a months worth of pills. Considering stopping now before iys too late. Or is that me being a plank again. Got nearly 2 weeks beforeI'm due to see anyone about it all.

27-04-11, 23:32
I didn't have a good reaction to this med. Needless to say, I came off them after a few days. But remember that it's never wise to generalise when it comes to meds, so now that you feel you've got over the "initial hit", give it several weeks before you come to any firm conclusions, especially since you say it's also been prescribed to help with neuropathic pain.

29-04-11, 18:29
Thanks Melancholia77.

You did well to decipher my post so well played as well. I'm a good few days in now and nowhere near as bad as the first day but still rough as a bear's rough bits. In honesty I was probably looking for someone to tell me to throw them away, bit what you say makes sense so I'll keep on till I see them next week. Just some of the bits I'm getting now are a bit iffy and being another long weekend I wasn't to happy about carrying on.

I'm looking for an answer that doesn't really exist I suppose. One size fits all. Not the truest of sayings is it?!? But it's a comfort to know there are people willing to listen. I won't say good to know I'm not the only one as I'd not wish this on any beggar. And I know there are people ten times worse, and I'm being a bit of a jessie.

Thanks again, take care kidda!

30-04-11, 00:05
These have been brilliant for me. I've been on them a few years now. I remember having a horrid time for about 5 days initially, but once that settled they have kept me functioning when other meds didn't.

01-05-11, 17:35
Thanks Chem. That's encouraging to hear albeit I'm still a bit edgy about having started on them. I'm still feeling a bit spewy for want of a better phrase and still a bit face achey though and can't shake this head ache for love nor money. I've avoided pain killers as much as possible but with other things I have I've had to pop a few. Maybe that's not helping.

23-05-11, 19:25

Just thought I'd say how things are going on the tablet front.

Things are settling a bot but the face is still aching. It's like when you've been laughing so hard for so long and the muscles in your cheeks have strained. Just lacking the laughing part unfortunately! Some splitting head aches and the odd spewy session especially after a few light ales.

18-06-11, 14:31
just started Duloxetine. Took my third dose last night. I was told it was pretty tolerable (I found going on Cipramil in the past for the first two weeks a bit of a nightmare). Really bad side effects but I guess tolerable! very dizzy and nauseousness and lack of appetite. Also sexual side effects and some others. I do have that strange face thing you describe. I think it might affect nerves in the face and around the eyes somehow! It says in the literature for it not take it if you have had or have glaucoma (pressure around the eye) and I noticed that weird ache around the eyes and top of the cheeks. Also for lots of people (and me) you get dilated pupils!

How are you feeling on them now Thunderbolt? hoping that I start to feel a bit better and improved soon!

19-06-11, 03:31
Hey up Daniel...

Ta very much for posing and hope all goes well with you as well.

I'm not half as bad now as when I started but the face ache still rears it's head.

20-06-11, 14:26
awww glad thunderbolt!
I was so ill on it that after the 3rd day taking it I stopped taking it. It just made me too unwell to live with and was increasingly getting worse not better. I was hoping to reach a week and see if things improved but it was just too awful feeling like that! now got 4/5 days of waiting for the drug to get out of my system. each day the side effects and symptoms seem a little better. Hoping after 3 doses of 30mg I won't have discontinuation at all. It seems to be a drug that is absolutely amazing for some people but really really awful for others. Anyway trying to decide if I am going to try something else or not, scared me a bit! glad its settled down for you :)

27-06-11, 01:44
Deleted. Sorry, I was in a bad mard mood!

26-07-11, 12:56
Hi thunderbolt, how are you getting on?

I have just started these, im on day 6 now and i think (hope!) that the side effects seem to be settling.

I would be interested to hear from you.

28-07-11, 07:44
Hiya Brit. Good to hear things are starting to ease off for you. Those first few days can be rottencant they? Mysore effects have lessened even more over the time even the face ache albeitnot 100% gone. I do however get the odd bout of feeling a little sick but it's handleable.

I've started with a bit of a facial twitch though now and sniffling and blowing (OK blasting) a lot through my nose. Also a near constant feeling of having an air bubble at the back of my throat. I've read that this could be down to Statins though and I'm on that many different pills it's impossible to say one from the other. Another thing is weak legs. Especially if I've been sat still. Again, that might be other pills or even progression of diabetic related gubbins.

As thing seem to be going in the right direction for you Brit, then long may it continue. All the best kidda.