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25-03-04, 16:59
Hello all,
My partner took my pc to work to (well dont ask me what he did with it!!).So,just got it back and have been catching up on all the posts over the last few weeks.It stirkes me what an intelligent lot you all are!!

Anyway,so glad to be able to get back on this site and sound off,without feeling like a complete loony!

I continued to struggle on with my course,but got to the point when i just felt so unwell,I thought enough is enough.I deffered the 2nd half of my course till October.I think maybe i took too much on at once.It was kind of self preservation if you like.I wanted to eliminate some of my anxiety before it overwhelmed me and i wasnt able to do anything!!Feel a bit of a failure,but I guess I havent really lost anything.Im still going to do my agency work too...little and often.Hopefully ,by October I will have developed some coping strategies.

So,there you go.Feel a bit better.Doing a shift next week and feel anxious,but i know once im there and busy i will be ok.

Bye for now all.T xx

25-03-04, 17:04
Good to have you back.

Good for you for deffering it rather than cancelling it Juliet. You know the outline of the course so you can go on doing bits to help yourself, so October won't be so overwhelming

Try not to make it a 'hopefully by Oct' Get some help now and set yourself tiny steps to achieve so ' In October, I'll be ready '


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26-03-04, 10:36
Good luck and great to have you back !

Let's hope things go smoothly and you are back on track for October.

Love, light and Best wishes
Liz xxx

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27-03-04, 20:15
Welcome back Juliet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So glad to hear you are deferring the 2nd half of your course instead of cancelling.

Glad you were able to get back on here and sound off to make you feel a bit better.

I know you will be ready for your course in OCTOBER.

You took the appropriate steps to get ahold of your feelings before they got ahold on you.

Good on you for coping so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

You are already half way there.

Keep up the great work, and keep in touch.

Hide your PC from your partner LOL........ :).

Take care dear,

Diana xxxxx