View Full Version : Can an ECG pick up Heart Failure/Heart Disease?

03-05-11, 20:50
Anyone know, Just curious, Thank you.

03-05-11, 20:56
Well it will pick up any abnormalities with the heart but would probably be combined with something like an echo as well.

16-07-11, 15:55
yes it can my mums cardoligst diagnosed cardio miopathey of her ecgs she then had a echo to see how much damage x

19-07-11, 18:13
Yes it can, my husband was tested as he was having an heart attack plus he also had a blood test as well to confirm it the heart attack.

05-01-12, 18:27
ECGs are pretty damn good, they also can see if you have had any previous cardiac issues from the after -effects of them which influence your heart beat and circulation. If you're coming up AOkay, 95% chance is - you're a-okay!

28-03-12, 11:38
I have had 24 of them In the past 12 years... always come out perfect... so why do I still worry about having a heart attack?