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16-04-06, 21:17
hi all.im so fed up i dont know what to do.ive suffered from anxiety,depression,panic attacks and agoraphobia 4 6 years now.i wouldnt leave my flat for a year and was such a nervous wreak.over time i started getting out with my partner and slowly getting better i was able to go to the local shop on my own and to the hairdressers round the courner.but last week i went on holiday with my partner this sister and nephew and niece i had such an awful time.before we went on holiday my partners sister split with her hubby and moved in with my partners best friend leaving the kids with her alchoalolic husband so u can image all the arguments and tension on holiday between them all.i was so happy to get home as i was having panic attacks and devoloped a fear of weeing myself(why this happened i dont know)now im home i feel like a panicy mess i cant relax or sit still.im crying all the timeand darent leave my house even with my partner why have i gone back to sqaure one?????i just dont know what to do anymore.sorry for this post but i just needed to tell someone.thanx mooxXx

16-04-06, 21:35
sillymoo i dont feel as though you are back to square one at all. circumstances around us have an effect on how we handle our own anxiety and all that upset is bound to take its tole, so no reprimanding yourself for taking a small step back, just look at it for what it is a small blip

incidentally claire weekes seems to belive that blips are important in the recovery period. in fact she says they are essential


16-04-06, 21:43
hi jackie thanx for your reply.i hope its a small blip ive been doing so well and then theses last couple of weeks ive gone downhill i just dont know what to do.im avioding things i know i shouldnt.its just so annoying.i feel like im afraid of everything .i never thought i would feel like this again.maybe i am goin mad.

18-04-06, 10:54
Dont worry about going mad Moo, i have this fear too but its just anxiety making us feel like we cant cope but you can cope, you will be fine.
I have suffered for 6 years too. Sounds like you have got back into the cycle (easy done when you are recovering) worry-symptoms-worry-more symptoms-more worry.......
You have broke this cycle before and you will do it again, just stay positive and try not to dwell on any of your thoughts.
Hope things get easier for you soon.
Take care

18-04-06, 11:00

Think of it this way, It is a massive achievement to go on Holiday when you suffer from anxiety. So for that you have done so well.

So your having a small blip, the holiday was stressful and your body is just taking it's time to recover. Dont fight it just go with it and then you can concentrate on getting back to where you were.

Isn't it funny how we are all good at giving advise but never listen to our own....lol

Chin up and just try and relax

Hay x

18-04-06, 14:32
hi 'moo'.everyone is right,i t is a blip,a nasty one ,but a blip all the same[i am havng one myself,and it is very frightening and upsetting as you feel allthe progress has gone]i am with you on the 'weeing ' too.it's horrid and a newish one for me too.it is fear ,it's that simple!Look at people who wet them selves thru fear,i admit it's usually kiddies at school,but it's the same reflex,we wont wet ourselves as we have more control than a child[well i hope so,or i am in trouble!!]keep talking and we will keep listening.love mary-rose.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

we are all in the same boat and can guide each other ashore

19-04-06, 17:57
thankyou so so much for ur replys it gives me alot of reassurance.
poppy-thanx hun i know ive just gotta keep being positive!

hayles-thanx 4 making me relize i should be proud that i actually got throught the holiday!!!!
maryrose-sorry to hear ur having a bad time to(pm me if u want to chat)im trying to fight this weeing myself prob!its bloody horrible!but i do work in a nursing home so if i fail i can get hold of many incontance pads!
thanx again for ur replys in sure i will get bk to my old self again soon!!!!!