View Full Version : 20 year user comes clean but now back on Seroxat

09-05-11, 15:37
after what i thought was a clean break from Seroxat of 4-5 months i am now back on it again after suffering a full blown panic attack. i am still housebound with agraphobia after 2 weeks back on 20mg a day

i made the decision to come off it against medical advise as i was only on 10mg and not having any side effects other than a lack of empathy with some people

i now regret my decision and can only hope they kick in quickly but have been told a wait of around 6 weeks to feel any effect. plus i now have the worry of the panic attackes which afetr 20 years i had completely forgotton about

19-05-11, 17:33
i am am back on tablets to after coming off them 5 months ago and being on them for 7 years wish i had not come off them but thoiught panic would never have that hold on me again WRONG i am 9 wks in and are getting back slowly to life x

19-05-11, 18:02
Hi Pacemaker,

I was on them for over 14 years, came off them for a year and am now having to go back on them again - the side effects are different for me this time round...but if they worked before they will work again :)

Hope you feel better soon

20-05-11, 13:20
Hello can any one who takes seroxat tell me about how the managed with them.
My daughter is about to start taking them. Not had them myself. I believe they take awhile to get into your system.
Any advice please:huh: