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10-05-11, 06:26
It's Dark

by ~just-jax (http://just-jax.deviantart.com/)

Distorted. Twisting sheets of sound.
Past mistakes and doubts arisen.
Barriers of fear and pain
Create the formless, timeless prison.

No physical escape exists,
No safety catch or quick-release.
Through dark and winding consciousness -
A search for fabled inner peace.

Across the vastest, deepest space
The echoes of such things that pass.
Despair, like rain, falls on lost shores
Of tideless tears as still as glass.

No lock or key creates this hold.
No mans hands have placed the chains,
Yet neon lights won't chase the shade,
It's dark. It's dark and it remains.

Writing On A Painters Canvas

by ~just-jax (http://just-jax.deviantart.com/)

I want to paint a picture
Of the things inside my soul.
Of the thoughts and of the feelings,
Little parts that make me whole.
To show you all the colours
And the sounds to make it real,
To put my life on canvas
So you might see how I feel.
Diagrams and patterns of
The tempest that's my brain;
To visually lay out for you
The laughter; love and pain.
To hang up in a gallery
For you, the world, as art -
The passions; fears and turbulence
That rage inside my heart.
The frustrations and the sadness,
the excitement and the joy.
The castles I built in the clouds
And watched myself destroy.
A drawing of the world within -
The dark parts and the light,
The chaos and the calmness
That runs through my head at night.
To tip the balance slightly
So you'd see, instead of read,
The things I hate; the man I love;
the gain; the loss; the need.
I'd like to illustrate my points,
To show you what's inside.
To colour in or pencil out
The faith; the shame; the pride.
I want to paint a picture
Of the things inside my head,
It's just.. I'm not an artist..
So I wrote these words instead.

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20-08-12, 08:18
"Writing On A Painters Canvas" I like it.. it tells how I feel. There is someone I wanted to see me I mean who's the real me without even telling whats on my mind.