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10-05-11, 09:07
I had an ECG test done to see if I had any heart conditions. While having the test I was very nervous. When the results came back, the doctor said it showed 'Sinus Tachycardia' which is a fast heartbeat caused by being nervous.
Would this stop other heart conditions from being picked up? My doctors said no but I would just like other opinions on this.
Thanks everyone!!

10-05-11, 09:20
Hi there.

I had a friend who died of this a few years ago. She was 35 and it happened in her sleep. It made me worry about this too, but to be honest i thought "how can i possibly worry about something that has no symptoms until it happens, and by that time its too late?" I worry about having a long, drawn-out, painful death and so this didnt worry me too much because the worst thing that could happen is that one minute I would be awake, and the next I would not. Simple as that. I would not know anything about it, so i quickly forgot about it.

You have had lots of tests and scans, so I would have thought that if there were any possible signs of an issue with your heart they would have spotted it. Dont worry about them saying you had Tachycardia as this just means a fast heartbeat which you would have because of your nerves.

Please try not to worry, i know it gets a lot of publicity but it is actually quite rare.

10-05-11, 09:52
Don't worry about a fast heartbeat, especially as a sufferer of anxiety. Your doctor knows what he is talking about, they are trained to know these things :) it would by no means stop them from picking up on any other heart details. You are safe and sound my dear.

10-05-11, 09:57
Jerry for always worried sake I am posting to say I assume you are referring in your post to your friend dying from adult death syndrome and not sinus tachycardia as always worried mentions both things in the post.

Everyone has sinus tachycardia if they are anxious as its the bodies way of dealing with fear. I cannot even walk into a Dr surgery without mine shooting up to between 100and 120 and in a hospital setting it gets upt o 140. In fact one casualty Dr was laughing as he said as he approached my bed and I could see him he could see my heartbeat going up from 87 to 140 in about three seconds.

The causes of adult death syndrome like long Q T syndrome would be picked up on an ecg and I don't think anyone who has died of adult death syndrome has previously had their heart checked out.

10-05-11, 10:14
Hi thanks for all the replies. I just worry so much about dropping down dead everyday. I've done the bad thing and googled Sudden Adult Death and it seems to bring up loads of stories of young people just dying with no warning. Do any of you know whether these people who die this way have any symptoms and is the Sudden Adult Death rare or common?

10-05-11, 10:25
My friend died of SADS not sinus tachycardia as I dont believe you can actually die of this, it just means a fast heartbeat because of anxiety.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about, you have been tested extensively and they have found nothing so you can definately put this behind you and move on. Also having sinus tachycardia would NOT mask a problem when you have the scan etc as a fast heartbeat will show different signals to that of a heart with a defect (of any kind).

I think you can conclusively say that you are actually less likely to get this than the rest of us because you have been tested.

Try to put this behind you, you are fine and more importantly, please, please believe the docs as they know what they are doing and they know what to look for. Thats why they get paid the big bucks!

Now go out forget about this, enjoy yourself and get drunk or whatever you teenages do now days. :yesyes:

10-05-11, 10:29
Thanks again Jerry. I'm going to try and focus my attention on something more positive but it is so difficult when you have all these negative thoughts about dying so young!
However, I won't let it win and I'm going to put up a fight.

10-05-11, 11:06
All you have to remember is that this condition is so rare that you (or any of your friends or family) are much more likely to get hit by a bus and I bet you dont worry about that do you?

Take care.

10-05-11, 11:08
Excellent analogy Jerry :)

10-05-11, 11:16
No I don't Jerry :)