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15-05-11, 18:20
hi guys well i think ive done not to bad up till now im 36 weeks gone and now breathlessness seems to be takin over not sure if its anx im not sleepin to well but everyday i seem to feel more breathless like im fighting to breath is this normal is any other mothers to be havin this problem i was in hospital few days ago cos they thought i may have clots due to high risk but turns out i have costocondritis due to baby swingin like a monkey on my ribs they told me to go bk if i get breathless but i did say i also suffer anx i cant keep comin in with anx just wondered if any others were suffering the breathlessness to

22-05-11, 19:04
I have had it too though I'm only 22 weeks. But a lot if my friends have complained about it too. It's a mixture if hormones and the internal organs pushing up. Just try and take a rest every time you feel short if breath and not worry which will make it worse if you gasp to get more air in.

24-05-11, 08:04
Hi there,

You will be fine. Ive delivered last year in September. Just inform your doc. You will be ok. Even i was suffering from breathlessness before pregnancy. I still suffer from same. Always be positive.

Take care


24-05-11, 09:36
hya i am 34 weeks n also suffering breathlessness, i no how u feel especially at this stage in the pregnancy baby is rite under your ribs and coupled with the breathlessness with anxiety can be very uncomfortable and make u even more panicky! my therapist explained to me tho that the body will always get enough oxygen it needs wether we are panickin anxoius or watever! and that breathing is something we should trust our bodies to do without any consious effort from us! i no its difficult but try to trust your body :) it no's wat to do... im still tryin to do this as well im sure we will get there i the end and have lovley abbies to look forward to :) xxx

macc noodle
24-05-11, 16:07
Honey, even without anxiety, at 36 weeks you can feel breathless due to the sheer size of your bump and where baby lies.

Please don't worry too much but equally please dont be afraid to ask them to check you out - many women who are never normally anxious become particularly so at this time and the medical staff are usually more than willing to check you out and reassure you.

Not long to go now - chin up :hugs:

29-05-11, 20:17
thank u guys for ur replies i much apprietate it i hate feelin like this not to good today either