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24-05-11, 16:44

I need a bit of advice, i have had a 12 week illness with an ear virus, which effected my balance, and has made me really anxious and jittery, ive started back work on monday, and im really struggling with my nerves.

I am already taking propronolol 40mg twice a day, but the outside shakes have left me but im still getting waves of nerves, which i can control inside me,my doctor has prescribed me Diazepam 2mg, to take when needed, and told me to try my first one at night, to see how i react with them.

I have other sysmtoms, like drinking lots of water, and peeing a lot, sore heads and shaky, the doctor is going to take a fasting blood test next monday to check me for diabetise.

The diazepam, is to try and calm me until then, and only a short term measure, im also due to go on a short break next week, but not really feeling up to it.

Im sorry for rambling, but my question is, do you think the diazepam is worth trying, and should it calm me down and take the verves away.

thanks for any relpy, im really not used to taking meds and im really worried. :weep:

24-05-11, 21:00
Yes it's worth trying. It should almost certainly calm you down. 2mg is a very low dose and if it's only for a few weeks I wouldn't worry about it in the slightest. Your Dr is the expert and he's recommended you take it so go with his advice.

24-05-11, 21:48
Hi, I wasprescribed diazepan 2mg,and like you was very nervous about trying it.It has been brilliant at taking the edge off my nerves and it has also made me aware that I can cope in trying situations.Give it a go you won't be sorry,and good luck with your diagnosis.:)