View Full Version : Does tolerance reduce over time?

25-05-11, 19:22

Last June / July I was taking 2mg of Diazepam up to three times a day for quite a few weeks, anyway my body built up a bit of tolerance to it and I found that 2mgs just wasn't enough. I haven't taken any for nearly a year now. Just Cipralex 10mgs since February.

I just wondered if I had to take Diazepam again for short term use, would my body still have the tolerance build up or would I be ok?

I have a rather stressful period coming up in June and may need the odd Diazepam but just wondered if they will work again on the same dosage.

Thank you

25-05-11, 19:43
Hi! After a year, you'd have no tolerance at all, so it would be like taking it for the first time again. Although if you took it 3 times a day again, then you'd get used to it again. My doc says that it leaves your body completely after 2 weeks break from it.

Hope that helps!


25-05-11, 20:01
Thanks for your reply. I don't plan on taking it at all but may need to take 1 2mg in the morning if the need arises. I was just concerned that it wouldn't work again or be enough of a dose to work. If I do need to take, it should be any longer than a week to 10 days.

Thanks again x