View Full Version : Trazodone and Norco affecting traz. effects?

27-05-11, 00:14
Hello, I'm a 20 year old man and I've been taking Trazodone (100mg) for about a month, for depression and anxiety, and it was working wonderfully until I recently had a brief stint with Norco, where I took 10 of them over the course of friday night to sunday night (325 mg / 10 mg) On sunday, I had awful nausea and stomach pains, and indigestion. So of course, I stopped taking them. and from Monday on, I haven't been feeling the mental effects of Trazodone, I've been feeling irritable, very anxious and generally upset and all the same stuff I've felt before I ever started taking Trazodone. I've continued to take the trazodone, though, every night. It's now Thursday and I'm still not feeling right. I've done research and it seems nothing too bad is coming up about the drug interactions of the two, and I figured by now that the norco would be completely out of my system, and I was wondering if any of you, by any chance, knew what was going on or have been in a similar situation? Thank you for any help you can possibly give.