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20-04-06, 12:41
i need a bit of help please as getting myself in a bit of a pickle!

im on prozac 20mg for my depression (helped loads) BUT its also caused some anxiety and panic, so the doctor gave me a weeks scrip of Diazepam 2mg to take up to 3 times a day.
a normal day i only take maybe 1 tablet sometimes even none. however i think im getting addicted. on monday i took 3 tablets to calm me as i had big family outing. tuesday i took non, then yesterday i took none but in the evening i had a slight anxiety attack in the pub. is this a withdrawal effect from not taking it for 2 days?

im also taking 4 tablets of omega3, and vit B complex (only started this week) i also have rescue remedy to help (doesnt seem to do much)

i dont want to get addicted to valium, but at the moment i do feel that i need to take 1 tablet a day usually in the evening as i tend to get quite jittery and agitated then.

how long will it take for the omega3 to kick in? another problem is that im drinking nearly every evening to calm me down, dont drink much only maybe 2 cans of larger with my boyfriend (i dont drink on my own)

sorry this is so long but any help will be great please, as im feeling like a freak at moment!!

Ma Larkin
20-04-06, 13:29
I am exactly the same as you. I take one 20mg Prozac a day and 2mg Diazepam, when jittery I drink, only a couple of cans of Carling at the most, however I can do a big binge drink at weekends. Sometimes I don't have to take any Diazepam, yet on Sunday I took 4. I've heard people say they are addictive, but I'm beginning to wonder myself whether we just think they are addictive because we know they are there as a back up and because our GP's tell us to take them as & when needed, therefore, we think we have to rely on them. I went on holiday last year. My panic attacks & anxiety were at their worst & I had my bag stolen with all my Diazepam tablets. I didn't have one panic attack at all, even though I was convinced I NEEDED those tablets. I was extremely anxious, but only because I thought I needed to take the tablets. I've only been on Prozac a month & found it extremely helpful. I don't seem as anxious at all, but meds seems to affect people in different ways. I don't take any herbal or vitamin remedies so unfortunately can't advise you there. My rescue remedy is at the side of my bed. I find it a relief for about 2 mins then it wears off, again, I know its there. I think a lot of it is in my head. The trouble is, if we think it makes our symptoms ease, we're bound to take them.

Hope you start to feel better soon and the agitation eases.


20-04-06, 15:46
You won't be getting withdrawal after that short a space of time so don't worry about that.

Go careful with the drinking and the Diazepam won't you?


20-04-06, 16:48
i have been prescribed valium monthly 4 18 years and i am not addicted to them.i have never understood where that one comes from ,i know drs say they are addictive but i can go months without them!!i wouldn't worry,what you were having was a panic attack and that is what the valium are thre to help with.Hope you fel better very soon,the meds take a bit of time so i've read on hear,where as valium are pretty instant!love mary-rose.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

we are all in the same boat and can guide each other ashore

20-04-06, 20:53
thanks for all your help, im glad to hear that im not the only one going through this!!

im seeing my doctor next week so ill ask if she can give me some more valium as a back up if and when i need it, hopefully she will agree!!