View Full Version : Seroxat/paroxetine

Aaron B
27-05-11, 14:45
Hi ive been taking the seroxat 10mg now for the last 4 days at first i felt dizz and sick but now im gettin used to them i am starting to feel the benefit. My doctor also gave me a a box of paroxetine 20mgs to start once i finish the weeks course of seroxat which tuesday coming. Im a bit apprehensive about doing that as i feel fine on the 10mgs of seroxat. Will these paroxetine 20mgs make me all dopey or should i break a tablet it half and just take half a 20mg tablet per day?

Any advice would be really helpful, thanks

07-08-11, 13:05
Hello Aaron B :D
It will take a while for you to get used to paroxetine, so unfortunetly you will feel dizzy for about a month. But don't worry, 'cause after this first month is gone, you'll only feel better. :D
And about the medicine, you should take it the way your doctor prescribed it. I was also really nervous about taking so much mg, but in the end you'll only feel the arealdy known dizziness and perhaps a little nauseated, but that's it. :)

So don't worry and go for it! And if you have any problems, just talk to your doctor or come back here and we'll try to help. :D